Make NO mistake!  Video Relay is NOT Video Visitation. Anyone who tells you that it is does NOT know what they are talking about.

How does SecureVRS® work for deaf inmates and prisoners?

Tidal Wave Telecom’s SecureVRS® system allows deaf inmates to connect to licensed video relay providers via a highly secure system.

Using a special purpose video relay kiosk, an inmate signs in to the kiosk using their prison issued user ID and password.  The inmates are only allowed to access numbers that are in their personal list of authorized numbers.  Each call is then recorded or not recorded based upon the profile that is associated with the number (For example, calls to the inmate's relatives are recorded but calls to their attorney are not recorded).  The call is then forwarded from the facility to the licensed VRS provider via the SecureVRS® call manager.


The SecureVRS® Call Manager is connected to licensed sign language services via the Internet.  When the video relay interpreter answers the video call, an outbound telephone call is placed to the destination number.  The interpreter then “relays” the conversation between the inmate and the telephone party. (as depicted below)