- Do you have a deaf or hard of hearing relative in a prison or a city or county jail? If you do, did you know they have the right to make video relay calls?

- If a jail or prison is only providing access to TTY – this technology is OBSOLETE and no longer meets minimum requirements.

- Do you know anyone incarcerated who is being denied their civil right to video relay? Your relative is ENTITLED to make a video relay call. They DO NOT have to use outdated TTY terminals!

- Education is key for the family of the deaf or hard of hearing inmate. Did you know it does not matter how your deaf relative has been incarcerated? Whether they were arrested last night or serving a longer sentence – under the Americans with Disabilities Act they are legally entitled to make ADA mandated video relay calls.

- Click on the following web links below to reach out to one of these advocacy groups. Does your relative have video relay services to make a call? Don’t let your deaf or hard of hearing relative’s civil rights be violated!