If you are looking for a video relay solution, don't waste your time with promises from video visitation vendors.  Video Relay is highly regulated by the FCC and can only be provided by FCC licensed video relay providers.  IT IS NOT video visitation.  Having said that and knowing that video relay services can only be provided by licensed video relay service providers, you now have two choices; Residential Video Relay and Secured Video Relay.  Residential Video Relay is the equivalent of handing your deaf inmates a smartphone to make their video calls.  Secured Video Relay(SecureVRS®) is the closest you will get to providing an ITS solution for your deaf and Hard of Hearing (HoH) inmates. Tidal Wave Telecom’s SecureVRS® provides a corrections grade “video front end” which protects the public from unauthorized calls being made by deaf and HoH inmates.  It is NOT residential video relay.  Just call us. We will be happy to explain the difference.



Secure Video Relay Service (SecureVRS®) system allows deaf inmates to connect through a highly secure environment to licensed video relay operators.

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Why Do I Need It?

TTY for deaf inmates is obsolete and no longer meets minimum requirements. SecureVRS® eliminates legal risk and meets the compliance requirements that are mandated by the ADA, NRA and PREA.

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