- TTY for deaf inmates is OBSOLETE and no longer meets the requirements mandated by the ADA, the NRA, and the PREA.

- The case precedence is now clear – insurance companies are AT RISK to pay settlements when prisons don’t allow a deaf inmate to make a video relay to their attorneys or relatives.

- Does your company really want to risk insuring a jail or prison that does not provide mandated video relay?  If your customers are NOT providing deaf inmates with access to video relay, you are AT RISK.

- You can eliminate your potential liability in a single email to your customers instructing them to install secured video relay.

- In 2015, a New York City woman, who is deaf said NYPD officers wrongfully arrested her and ignored her pleas for an American Sign Language interpreter. The woman settled her lawsuit against the city for $750,000 – a sum her attorneys said was the largest ever deaf discrimination settlement for a single person.

- In addition to the substantial New York settlement – every other case that has made it to court regarding a deaf inmate’s right to video relay has resulted in a settlement and video relay being installed anyway.

- Tidal Wave Telecom’s secure video relay eliminates the risk to insurance companies who ultimately are the ones paying the settlements because their customers did not providing video relay to deaf inmates.

- Compliance is key. If you are insuring a prison, city or county jail – contact us today to learn more about how our SecureVRS® can eliminate your risk and ensure your client is protected from lawsuits.