Tidal Wave Telecom is the leading provider of secured video relay for deaf inmates. 

Our Secure Video Relay (SecureVRS®) was developed exclusively for prisons and jails to replace outdated
non-compliant TTY terminals. Secure Video Relay allows your facility to securely meet the requirements mandated by the ADA, the NRA and the PREA. (learn more here) Tidal Wave Telecom’s solutions are available in turnkey or cloud-based solutions.

If your prison or jail has out-of- date technology, you are violating your inmate’s civil rights and exposing your organization to an expensive lawsuit. The court decisions that have been issued against prisons and jails that did not provide VRS access to their deaf inmates have been in the millions of dollars.

VRS must be provided to your deaf and Hard of Hearing inmates and when you evaluate installing VRS in your institution, you will be faced with two choices:
1)  Installing residential VRS (which is the equivalent of providing an unrestricted telephone line to inmates)
2) Installing a secured VRS solution from Tidal Wave Telecom.

Contact us today to learn more about the prisons and jails nationwide that are already using SecureVRS® (listed below) and realizing the benefits of compliance and secured video relay.